Born 1940 in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Trained as a classical musician. Pioneered video art in the 1960s.
Founded The Kitchen in New York City in 1971.
Married to Woody Vasulka.
Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Closely associated with the Santa Fe Complex.


Prerecorded materials can be problematic for the audience - again it presents the question of who is doing what, what makes the actions on stage interesting for the audience. And yet many video performances make use of such materials, so there is certainly the enthusiasm on the performers' part to embrace it in the show. Part of the difficulty lies in knowing what to expect, and the tape always shows the same thing in the same order. Some performers such as Steina Vasulka get around this obvious problem by moving to a non-linear form of control using videodisk technology to allow random access of specific points on the disk.


"Its all about the knobs!"

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