Light organ. Particularly electro-mechanical organs in early 20th century North America.

"The Eighth Fine Art" — Thomas Wilfred, New York-based artist who coined the term.
Inventors, engineers and artists repeatedly chose their own names for the artform and instruments upon which to perform it. Other terms include Charles Dockum's Mobilcolor. We've chosen to refer to all as lumia, following the film by that name.

For Wilfred, the Lumia was the artwork: a composition of moving light. This work was performed on a Clavilux.

There was a show of lumia at MOCA in LA in 2005.
…from Los Angeles Times, April 28, 2005:
The light shines anew: Art meant to tap a 'cosmic consciousness' mesmerizes a new generation. by Steven Rosen
"You have to be brave to visit the strange, hypnotic works known as "lumia" in the Museum of Contemporary Art's show "Visual Music: Synaesthesia in Art and Music Since 1900."
There's minimal signage announcing the gallery devoted to these machines that silently form shifting abstract shapes and blended colors. And the long entryway is eerily dark. All that's missing is an "abandon hope, all ye who enter" notice."

List of Lumia Artists

Those who identify themselves as Lumia Artists:
Thomas Wilfred
W Christian Sidenius
George Stadnick

She who identifies herself as a Nourathar performer:
Mary Hallock-Greenewalt

He who identifies himself as a Mobilcolor Artist:
Charles Dockum

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