Jeanne Liotta

Experimental filmmaker and artist, lives and works in New York City.

Currently teaches at UC in Boulder. Has been exhibited at the New York Film Festival and the Museum of Modern Art among many others.

Research into the Joseph Cornell Film Collection at Anthology Film Archives.

Work includes multiple projection pieces — including the short Eclipse (2005, 3:30 min., 16mm), featured at the 2006 Whitney Biennial. Using the otherworldly luminosity of Super 8 Kodachrome to great effect, this gem of a film beholds a lunar eclipse from a New York City rooftop


“Lucretius has identified the substratum of everything that is with homogeneous atoms too small to be perceived. These atoms aggregate by chance to produce the visible world, and by chance they will eventually disperse, demolishing the cosmos as we know it. There are no permanent beings beneath, within, or above the heavens. There are no gods, and the universe manifests no final cause."

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