Ian White

Adjunct film curator at Whitechapel Gallery, London, and an independent curator, writer and artist. (2009)
Author of "Life Itself! The 'Problem' of Pre-Cinema" essay in Film and Video Art, edited by Stuart Comer, 2009, Tate, London.

Makes arguments for expanding the definition of cinema in "Life Itself!":
So the category of experience and architecture evoked by this word needs to be refined - differentiated - to make any account of what artists' film and video might actually be, how it is made, what its structure might be, its politics, how we read it. Early moving-image devices such as the Magic Lantern and the Camera Obscura are routinely termed 'pre-cinematic'. But the division between 'pre-cinema' and 'cinema' along technological lines is also problematic. When exactly does pre-cinema begin to manifest itself?

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