Harry Smith

from "Space Light Art" - Early Abstract Cinema and Multimedia, 1900-1959 by Cindy Keefer:
In the 1940s and early 1950s, filmmaker/painter Harry Smith showed his abstract films at San Francisco clubs with live jazz. "Jazz clubs like Bop City featured live music until late at night, and Harry Smith sometimes projected his abstractions (hand-painted directly onto the filmstrip) on the wall while the band played, as a kind of "light show." Using Hirsh's multi-speed projector, Smith could modulate the images to fit the jazz improvisations." 17 While not purely abstract, Smith's film Heaven and Earth Magic, began in 1957, was intended to be performed with slide overlays, special masking, and colored gels over the projector lens.
17 Moritz, William. "Hy Hirsh and The Fifties," Kinetica 3 Catalog (2001), p. 6

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