An attempt to use the word cinema to encompass those arts which came before, contributing socially, culturally, aesthetically, technologically to the birth of, and that which is alternative but related to the movies. Moving image art, or immersive art. Expanded cinema.

The Art of Deception, according to Laurent Mannoni.

Ian White makes arguments for expanding the definition of cinema in "Life Itself!":
So the category of experience and architecture evoked by this word needs to be refined - differentiated - to make any account of what artists' film and video might actually be, how it is made, what its structure might be, its politics, how we read it. Early moving-image devices such as the Magic Lantern and the Camera Obscura are routinely termed 'pre-cinematic'. But the division between 'pre-cinema' and 'cinema' along technological lines is also problematic. When exactly does pre-cinema begin to manifest itself?

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