Bruce McClure

Architect and internationally renowned for his projector performances, which have been included in many international events including the Whitney Biennial, Rotterdam Film Festival, and Image Forum (Japan).


"A mechanical beauty, the movie projector can satisfy by the simultaneous graces of eye and ear. Between these organs the brain, held captive in a watery recess, shapes an inverted presentation. Analogous to our senses the projector is disjointed and for technical reasons its optical axis and its sound lens are separated by 26 film frames and this distance is nearly equal to that which separates the eye from the ear. Conventionally the optical sound line and the discreet film frame are shifted according to the projector's anatomy to bring the picture and sound in sync. Film, the canned despot dictates illusions that shackle the projector and the projectionist as accessories. In 'XXX' triple projection performances, the fetters are broken and the transposition of 26 frames is disregarded. The film sputters inchoately to the projector that then lays out a temporal ordering that the projectionist, together with the audience, is witness to. The patches of film emulsion and supportive base become a threshold to a scotopic stage show accompanied by psychotropic soundings. Between the swing of the shutter and the other leap of light onto a cathode, a space emerges trod by slow oxen turning furrowed plains."

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