Andrew Lampert


from bio: "works as an archivist and curator at Anthology Film Archives in NYC, where he is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and preservation of the entire collection. As an artist, Andrew Lampert focuses on live quasi-theatrical multiple-projector pieces, portraits, short-term installations and private performances. He has screened/performed in many venues including the Whitney Biennial and The Getty Museum in Los Angeles."

Varieties of Slow

from 2006 Whitney Biennial catalog:
Varieties of Slow, 2005. Super-8 film performance, triple projection, black-and-white and color, silent; duration variable. Courtesy Public Opinion Laboratory, New York
Piano and String Quartet Piano and String Quartet, 2004. Sound work on two CDs; duration variable
Okkyung Duet, 2004–05. Live film and music performance
Lampert’s triple-screen installation is an “ultimate slowing down”—a shot of book spines is projected over a variable period of time. Shown alongside a sound work inspired by Morton Feldman. A performance with cellist Okkyung Lee follows at 5pm on May 6.


“I’m for a cinema composed not by the coupling of light and sound but from the combination of breakfast and lunch. Wait, isn’t that brunch? It used to be, but now lets pretend it’s something else. Theaters are diners; the griddle is a projector; cooks are projectionists; waiters, the concession crew; our food a moving image - here and gone. Who cares what it is anyways as long as it's filling? To get out the ketchup you've got to hit the bottom of the bottle. Featuring Dave Abramson, percussion."

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